Accessorize Your Beach Cabana

Create The Ultimate Vacation Destination in You Backyard

Make your beach cabana the ultimate paradise this summer! To refine your outdoor living space, use refreshing neutrals. Incorporate these 6 must-haves to transform your home into an inviting coastal chic abode.


1. Banana Leaf Tray: Make a statement on your table top or coffee table.

2. Gray Shag Rug: Ground your space with a plush retreat for your bare-feet.

3. Calaisio Rattan: Entertain guests with a woven staple that adds texture and depth to your settings.

4. Ceramic Pineapple: Adorn your tables and shelves with these tropical treats.

5. Pousada Towels: Retreat from the water and wrap yourself up in luxury.

6. Lafco’s Scented Candle: Fill your cabana with the scent of fresh lemon and spicy coastal lily fragrances that will relax your soul and raise your spirit.


Orchestrate these clean, fresh and neutral pieces to sing summer’s praises!

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