Bastille Day – Freedom To Relax

Bastille Day is the biggest national holiday in France. It celebrates the independence gained from the French Revolution. Have the freedom to relax in luxury this Bastille Day with the best French linens in the world from Yves Delorme!

Enjoy the Bedroom

Savor the tranquil experience of elite bedding. Yves Delorme linens enhance a bedroom with unprecedented finesse. The floral tendencies and whimsical patterns are accompanied with substantial quality that lasts a lifetime. The timeless magic in their collections comes from the picturesque appearance and luxurious touch of their linens. The Entrelacs Bed Linens is one collection that dissipates the worries of the world, and transforms your space into a relaxing retreat. Choose a Yves Delorme Bed that compliments your style.


Customize the Bathroom

Wash away your troubles, then seize the comfort of a Yves Delorme towel. The plush absorbency paired with Yves Delorme’s stunning attention to detail are perfect to wow your guest or treat yourself.  Add a special touch by customizing towels, like the Alliance Bath Towels, with beautiful monogramming. Take pride in your space and incorporate top-of-the-line bath accessories such as the Originel Bath Towel by Yves Delorme.

Wrap Yourself in Rest

Indulge in the liberating luxury of french bathrobes. Yves Delorme creates the softest, coziest robes to enjoy a slow Saturday morning. Snuggle up in the serene satisfaction of luxurious cotton and pristine designs. One excellent choice is the Mijour Robe since it embodies simple charm and warmth. The material and construction of Yves Delorme robes feels like you are walking in a cloud.  With a variety of color and style choices, there is a perfect dreamy robe awaiting you.

However you choose to celebrate Bastille Day, remember to enjoy the the freedom to relax!



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