Giza – The World’s Finest Cotton

Cotton linens are a timeless household staple. However, not all cottons are created equal. SFERRA’s Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton is renowned for its unparalleled excellency and luxurious touch. When quality cotton and thoughtful craftsmanship meet, its a match made in heaven.


The small Egyptian city of Giza possesses a remarkable ability to produce nearly flawless cotton. The city’s supreme location allows for this production of superior fibers. Giza is positioned in ideal proximity to the Nile Delta. The river weaves into the countryside creating enriched and fertile farm land. Additionally, the consistent humidity and temperature produces the perfect climate to nurture cotton fibers to their fullest potential. In turn, the staple fiber of cotton is extra-long in length that allows the fiber to be spun into small-diameter yarns. The fibers are given extra TLC through hand-selected collection. The size of the city only allows a small crop each year which make Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton a rare commodity.


SFERRA’s Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton linens are top-class masterpieces. The way they create their Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton is truly an art form that ensures the highest quality of luxury linens. SFERRA uses less treatment and refinement in comparison to other cottons. The result is a purer linen. SFERRA’s technique of weaving and finishing their Giza linens constructs extra-lavish weight, ultra smoothness, and classic luminosity. The feel of Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is unmatched. To sleep in spell-binding luxury choose the Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton bed linens for the best of the best.

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