Hemstitched Happiness

In every linen closet, traditional white bedding fills the shelves. While it’s good to have plain bed linens on hand, take the time to jazz up your basics. Hemstitched bedding is the perfect way to transform your space into a unique room that amplifies your style. Whether you pick colorful designs or select a classic look, enhance your bedroom with the charming details of hemstitched bedding.

Whimsy Wonder

For a whimsical feel, play with patterns and colors. Look for intentional details that gracefully adorn basic duvet covers and shams. For example, the embellished floral design on the Winter Floral Bed Linens are exquisitely hand-made. Selecting a timeless and delightful spread creates a priceless touch of magic.

Colorful Classic

Vincent Van Gogh said “one can speak poetry just by arranging colors well”. Add a pop of color to create a ballad all your own. When choosing a color that fits your taste, a great option is the Butterfield Bed Linens. The satin scallop design comes in eleven different colors including azalea, cornsilk, jade, ocean and ivory. Classic colors make the bed an inviting focal point.

Luxurious Look

Little details can add the greatest luxury. A detailed hemstitched border is a simple and elegant approach that will never fail to please. The notable design of bedding like the Millesimo Bed Linens embraces this simple artistic finesse with zeal. Indulge in the happiness of hemstitched bedding.


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