Matouk Collections – Then & Now


 Matouk Then…

John Matouk seized all the learning experiences life had to offer and channeled all his acquired knowledge and skills into his exquisite linens. In his home country of Syria, his father taught him how to be mindful of standards and craftsmanship through his high-end jewelry businessMatouk then established an ingenious understanding of luxury linens from his time spent in Italy cultivating knowledge and connectionsLater, America held promise in his pursuit of establishing his own business. So in 1929 he came to New York and founded what we now know as Matouk CollectionsToday the company has been passed down through the generation and is at the forefront of first-class home décor production.   


 Matouk Now…

With Matouk Collections rich history and rapid expansion, it comes as no surprise that those characteristics are reflected in Matouk Collections craftsmanship today. The company strives for old-fashion excellence while utilizing upcoming technology. Matouk’s home-base now resides in Fall River, Massachusetts. Fully embracing the New England style, Matouk produces crisp, clean and charming pieces for bed and bath decor. All linens are created for luxurious living and captivating comfort. Since their inception, Matouk Collections has manufactured some of the most brilliant creations in home décor. Pioneer Linens is a proud carrier of their products. Have a delightful time browsing their newest selections either online or in our store.  


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