Yacht Interior Design

MMDesigns & Pioneer Linens Partner on Yacht Interior Design

The Palm Beach International Boat Show brought yachts near and far to our corner of South Florida. Pioneer Linens partnered with Mimi Masri from MMDesigns to decorate the interior of one of the fabulous vessels. When designing a yacht it is important for inside to be just as luxurious as the outside. We achieved this feat through Mimi’s taste and Pioneer quality.


Mimi was ever-so-kind to answer a few questions for us about her experience in yacht interior design, and her interior design company MMDesigns. The pictures of her interior design work with our Pioneer Linen linens are displayed below as well.

1. Tell us about your company?

“MMDesigns was first created in 1999. It is a full-service firm, offering a variety of design and project management options for residential, marine and commercial clients. We complete projects of every size and scope, tailoring each one to fit the individual client based on the level of service and assistance required. By guiding our clients from conceptualization through selection to final installation, we are able to deliver an impeccable project every time, all the while maintaining the extraordinary customer service for which we are renowned.”

2. What are your inspirations?

“To simplify my inspiration into one word it would be the Sea. This idea incorporates the water, the sky, island lifestyle but also the vastness of the sea. This awareness is key in the open feeling that needs to be expressed in a confined space, such as a boat. My clients also motivate me at times when they offer a color scheme.”

3. What is your favorite design detail on a yacht?

“Hard surfaces. This includes hardware, veneers and stone elements. Integrating elements from a home but at the same time keeping the integrating of a yacht.”

4. What is the biggest design challenge on a yacht?

“The demanding schedule. The majority of clients express a fast turnaround time in the completion of the project. Which is not always realistic.”


5. What is your favorite product from Pioneer Linens?

“There is not a product from Pioneer Linens which I do not like but my favorite are your linens.”

6. What are some top design tips for the interior of a yacht?

“It is challenging to design a yacht that feels like a yacht. It is a totally different environment from your home and the style should convey that. It should not be formal. Functionality is still a big component. At the end of the day it is a boat on the water and needs to be addressed as so. You would not design a Swiss chalet in the tropics so why design a palace on the water. This is a place for your clients to enjoy and gain a sense of getting away from it all. An adventure.”




Thank you MMDesigns for partnering with us!

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